Monday, October 17, 2016

How often do you get to watch a TV sitcom where there's no laugh track? Rare right? Well this show, The Almighty Johnsons is such a show. The premise is about four brothers who live in New Zealand along with their "cousin" Olaf and all of them are reincarnations of Norse gods. The pilot starts off with the youngest brother's 21st birthday which is when the so-called 'god stuff' happens. What occurs is the individual is imbued with a god force and a random power(s). The youngest brother is Odin, the all father whose powers aren't apparent yet and since he is the youngest, no one takes his words seriously (other than perhaps cousin Olaf) whose job it is to find the love of his life, Frigga, and marry her which will do something to give all of them back their full god-hood status.

The oldest brother Mike is the god Ullr who in this world happens to be master of games and can never lose - even guessing games or rock-paper-scissors and he is a master hunter who always finds what he is hunting for. Then Tyson is the god Hod who happens to have a power to freeze things. Then there's Anders who is the god Bragi whose power of poetry can sway minds. Incidentally, cousin Olaf is actually the boy's grandfather who is the god Baldur and he is reborn every morning thus he ages extremely slowly. Olaf's power is that he is the family mystic seer or oracle and he does this by surfing and imbibing illegal substances.

Along the way in this show, you discover that the boys grew up in a village called "Norsewood" and lived at the corner of Odin and Viking streets. Their father was a mean mortal drunk and spousal abuser whose god is Njord whose power is he can calm any rough seas or ocean and if you're angry at him he has the ability to calm you down as well. The boy's mother is Freyja, a goddess of prosperity who amasses a half billion dollar empire for her boys and is banished to spend the rest of her mortal life as a tree.

The situations are funny and no this is NOT accurate according to the Norse sagas or myths because it is a TV show first and second these gods are incarnated into human bodies once their human host reaches the age of 21. Same with the goddesses and handmaidens of the gods. Ingrid is a goddess who is also an oracle is somewhat like grandpa Olaf but often much wiser in her own right. You also run into situations where there's a male god trapped in a female host but typically everyone gives Odin his due respect at least in word only if not action. Thor/Derek seems to the only exception since he willingly submits himself to 'Lord Odin' at every opportunity which is humorous in itself if not for the situations this often comes into play.

Idunna plays a major role in the show for a brief time as she is the giver of the apples of life which fits in with mythology. Thor often gets himself into trouble via his quick temper and desire to kill giants (yes there are some giants involved as well as dwarves and hopefully someday some trolls). Thor's hammer, Mjolnir is shown as a regular carpenter's hammer and it is accurate to kill bunny rabbits when he hauls off and angrily hurls it into the woods. He once hurls it at his gay neighbors and the hammer sticks in the boy's home until Odin removes it. Then the gay couple tell Odin that Thor can have it back IF he wears his wife's wedding gown to their wedding and apologizes for his behavior. [This is a play on the Norse myth where Loki stole Thor's hammer and it wound up in the possession of a giant who demanded to marry Freyja for Thor to get it back. Thor went undercover and wore Freyja's wedding dress with the concealing face veil and when the giant gave him his hammer thinking he was giving it to Freyja instead, Thor pulled back his concealing veil and slew the giant dead.]

Loki and Hella are involved though not heavily. Hel is there briefly for a while. Loki tends to hang around as he is a reoccurring menace to the brothers and his powers are fully developed since he is a god of fire. There are also a cult of hyper-religious god hunters who wish to rid the world of these "demons" as it were and the boys have to find an equitable way to stop them without outright killing them. Typically, humans are not allowed to know about any of the god's personas - except Zeb who happens to be Axl's childhood friend.

We also discover that there are other living gods around as well in New Zealand such as the Maori who desire Frigg to be their consort goddess. I find the show highly entertaining and fun to watch as each of these characters struggles to come to grips with their god, powers and their place in human society.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Spiritists VS Ufologists: The Great Debate Rages

Here’s something to ponder: why is there such a huge disparity between the UFO and Occult communities? Both are paranormal happenings because they’re un-explainable as of now. Oh sure each has its own groups who vehemently argue for their truth and validity and yet for some whacked out reason which I’m unable to fathom, neither side can come together.

On one hand you have little green or gray people, depending on which UFO expert you’re listening to. On the other, you have historical treatises claiming angels and demons going far back as ancient Sumer. The biggest hurdles each side has yet to provide is absolute proof of either and well atheists scoff at it all - but then atheists are nothing but egotistical pricks who just enjoy shitting on other people’s beliefs because they’re fed up hearing about them.

Still you have two very large communities who refuse to give an inch and claim their point of view is absolute, steadfast and it works. Let’s start off with Occultism, shall we?

The Occult

The work of the occult is well documented and it goes back to ancient mankind when people first began to stand erect and realized death was imminent. Their first rituals were most likely funerary as there have been burial sites found within caves going back thousands of years. Further, cave paintings from thousands of years in the past show us how ancient man viewed religion, community, myth, magic and other such things.

In historic times, humans began to create detailed histories of the gods & spirits they either worshiped or worked with. Of course we don’t have full details on much from this time period but we have a little bit left. Modern scholars have done a splendid job of piecing together these ancient beliefs and even some of how they may have practiced their beliefs back then. We get some of this from studying modern aborigine cultures who have been as untouched as the world will allow.

In more recent times, the New Age and some Hollywood films as well as a few celebrities have helped certain metaphysical practices and beliefs to re-emerge such as Spiritism, Spiritualism, Kabbala, Possessions & Exorcisms, and so on, all of which have come back into the public’s notice. There are real scholars studying the occult and often you’ll find linguists, anthropologists, archaeologists, sociologists and of course historians of kinds.

Many of these folks claim to study the occult for its intrinsic offerings of history - what people often turned to when times got tough since there were no hospitals, clinics or labs with relatively few physicians who for the most part would do things like rub fresh dog shit in your cataract eye to help you to be able to see. Others however study the occult arts for the hidden knowledge and power it offers to those who seek with a purpose.


While the concept of UFO’s is nothing new to the world, the term itself actually is. It was coined in the mid-20th century as a catch all phrase for anything seen in the sky that could not be recognizable but was still flying thus the “Unidentified” part of the Flying Object. UFO’s have been mentioned in the ancient past in many and various cultures. Some modern scholars have actually visited these cultural settings and looked into them to see what myths have grown up around them.

Since the 1940's, however there has been an inordinate amount of data uncovered concerning UFO’s from sightings and photographs both amateur and professional. Government’s around the world have acknowledged the UFO phenomena is real and yet the USA is the only country leading the fight to claim it is a hoax or bogus. Yet Canada, Britain, France, Germany and many other countries have operations manuals on dealing with crashed UFO sites. If UFO’s are fake, then why bother to put out such a manual?

Educated scholars, often scientists, have delved into the UFO phenomenon at first to try and debunk it only to embrace it as something far more than they first believed. We’re talking highly educated professional scientists here folks, not wannabes sitting in their parent’s basement talking on Skype or IRC.

More recently, there are a growing number of folks who claim to pray to Aliens and UFO’s. Not these folks worship these beings but that they claim the UFO Aliens give them mental commands (not unlike spirits do to Occultists) and sometimes give them advance warning of catastrophes (again not unlike spirits do Occultists). I’ve even heard of some UFO folks, like the late Ted Owens who was capable of summoning UFO phenomena whenever it pleased him. Ted was also said to be able to command the weather and cause lightning strikes when he wanted.

So Why the Disparity?

Ego. Everyone wants to be right about what it is they put their own stock into and these same noodniks want to be able to point the finger at someone else and laugh even though their own pov is absurd to an atheist as is the other side’s. Yet you cannot get most UFOlogists and Occultists together in the same room to hear each other out or discuss anything.

You also have the old “My god’s dick is bigger than your Alien which has no dick” nonsense. Times may change but the dick waving nonsense never does whether it’s a god, angel, demon or alien from Alpha Centauri. It doesn’t matter. Same old, same old. The really humorous thing is neither side is convincing in and of itself because very often you have to go, study and immerse yourself in the phenomenon then work with it until you (hopefully) get a manifestation of the spirit or alien’s presence. Of course some folks are just lucky to either get abducted or summon a spirit on the first try.

So WHY Doesn’t Science Dive Into Either?

This is the BIG question by the atheist community. “IF spirits and aliens actually existed, then WHY doesn’t science spend 100% of its time making contact to learn more?” Well genius, allow me to answer that with a rational, one-word answer: abuse.

If a serious scientific researcher even REMOTELY admits to having an interest in either subject (perish forbid both!) then that scientific researcher’s career and livelihood can be negatively affected for the rest of their life. It’s career suicide to openly admit you have an interest in UFO’s or the Occult. Just ask any scientific researcher today. They’ll get laughed out of the scientific community and lose whatever meager funding they may have. That’s difficult thing to deal with just for your hobby or interest.

Just any scientists who went in search of Atlantis, Big Foot, Ghosts, the Loch Ness Monster, and so on, if you have any interest in any sort of paranormal activity, chances are if it gets out, your career as well as your personal reputation among other scientists is ruined. Why? Because no one will take you seriously since the entire American scientific community has an enormous butt plug up its ass.

For years we were told that Troy was a myth and that the likes of Homer, Herodotus, Virgil and others of their ilk were just pulling our leg. That is UNTIL archaeologists actually FOUND Troy. Then everything changed the snide smirks from history professors stopped and they began to take heed. Troy was lost for thousands of years until it was eventually found. Is it possible Atlantis will be found? Perhaps. Then perhaps it alsreay has been and we just don’t know it was because it was misidentified possibly because the scholars refused to believe it COULD actually be the real Atlantis.

We do know that UFO crash sites exist. Why? Well there have been documented sites all over the world and the military of the countries where these crashes occurred have gone immediately in, cordoned off the area, in fact quarantined it in most cases, done a thorough job of cleanup and left the area stripped of any possible remaining evidence whatsoever. Often we hear, “It was a meteor!” or “A weather balloon!” and when was the last time the military gave two shits about quarantine a 5 mile radius for either a meteor or a weather balloon? Seriously? This is what’s known as a “snow job” folks and you’re too thick headed to know the truth of what’s going on.

UFO’s aren’t some sort of ‘fad’ nonsense. They have been reported being sighted for thousands of years. The issue is every one wants to pooh-pooh the sightings as foolish or nonsense because they didn’t see it. Some today do not believe Osama bin Laden is really dead because no one but a select few actually saw his body supposedly after his death. Others swear Oswald did not act alone and had help from the Grassy Knoll. I don’t know. I’m not into world wide conspiracies myself as it would take far too much commitment and brute force to keep such things quiet.

However I have seen UFO’s in the sky doing things I can’t explain and it wasn’t some helicopter or plane. “Well possibly it’s some new technology the military is working on, Moloch?” Very possibly but where did that sort of technology come from and why is it not being used in regular aircraft? With all of the crashes around the world, WHY is our American government the only ones who consistently refuse to acknowledge UFO’s & aliens exist yet most of the rest of the world does? Why are we the only ones who have aircraft with this sort of technology in the first place and where did it come from? The design, the way it moves and operates is not of this earth.


Paranormal experts are still working to gather proof for both subjects. Many thousands of hours of videos have ghosts and spirit like images on them which many claim is proof of the afterlife or at least ghosts. Others have thousands of hours of UFO’s flying through the air, hovering, zooming out of sight, some even allegedly making crop circles, and so on. Yet there is far too little we know for either subject to make any definitive claims about either. The quest is real and it continues. Keep an open mind.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Vodu Code of Conduct

There are many Vodu society and houses in Haiti and around the world and each group has their rules and regulations. When speaking about Houngans and Mambos I speak for those from my house and most houses I frequent where the laws of LOVE, HONOR, RESPECT, your brothers and sisters and the Loas you been introduced to, are upheld! Houngans and/or Mambos are too busy working on their skills rather than go around posting or bad-talking about one another. We mind our own business and of course we don’t mind if after learning a little bit about Vodu you make fancy spirit bottles or decorated Ouangas packets with feathers that most Houngans have no use for. Those are generally mambo’s items that love decorating their places, but not really found in male houses although there are quite a few exceptions today. If a Houngan desires such, most of the time he will not buy one but will have one of the servants of his house decorate it for him instead.

In general things that are done for the house are done by the people in the house not by outsiders. Those are the ways of the old school. Then again, Vodu is very diversified and tolerant and there is a new generation of foreigners as well as Haitians making things differently today. Indeed changes are acceptable because every house has their own code of conduct. Houngans and Mambos in general don’t work one or two other jobs what they do is magic often called Ouangas (also Wangas) they can also heal many ailments, help with relationships, predict events to come and guide people in business ventures and get people out of incarceration. When you become one from my house (or houses associated with mine) we guide you to become independent and work full time in your field.  Unless you receive your initiation to learn how to serve and are not interested in doing this type of work for others. Sometimes when Houngans start on their own practice they have to build their clientele, but in general after a few years, they focus their life on their career. Houngans make money by doing Ouangas (magic) and helping people. Most Houngans are well versed in herbal medicine. There is no limit onto the guideline of what Houngans can do when it comes to magic as each one is different and has their own gift. Some Houngans read Tarot, some regular playing cards, some chicken bones, and some do reading by looking into cups of water or coffee. Still some can read signs of your forehead while others can read hands, and some are gifted with interpreting dreams. This is just to mention a few of the skills you can run into in this field.

There is also no limit about the amount of gods they can serve and what country these gods are from! That’s also why you see in the beginning of Vodu ceremonies the beautiful flags and their bearers representing many different nations! And if something has been done or is being done in magic anywhere in the world now (or in the past) and in any religion for that matter, it has already been done in Vodu! Understand Vodu is one of the first religions around. Unfortunately there are people that are current Houngans saying this is or that doesn’t exist or has never been done in Vodu. They are not born in the system most aren’t even Haitian let alone African. Little do they know about the sex magic even many Haitian Houngans are ignorant of certain practices in Vodu. Why? Because they have had their religious practices corrupted and mistakenly believe Jesus is their savior! You can believe that. Freedom of practicing and worshiping what you want and no one will infringe on that! Where we come from we don't obey or follow a supreme commander that doesn't exist in Vodu. Every house or societe has their own rules although many are similar. Even pictures assigned to the spirits can differ and some houses do not use images of Saints at all! Not that you are aware that Vodu was banished in the southern part of the United States (Louisiana) because of sex magic! Fertility rituals in Africa involved many secret practices and many sacred large wooden dildos have surfaced in Haiti and foreign countries without the mention of what they were used for! This doesn’t mean because you are in Vodu, you participate in such practices. Just like most are not aware that black masses performed by the clerical Catholics in the early centuries are still secretly in existence today! You don’t have to be a Wiccan or in a coven to perform “the great Rite!” that’s been overdone all over…

Generally in Haiti some of the groups are called from: Guinea, Rada, Petro and service are held mostly for Loas familiar to the Haitians (from Dahome) but there are Houngans that worship gods from different roots all depends on their family ancestors and or how much they traveled around the world. Most foreigners know about the Asogwes but there are many more rites in Haiti where in some, foreigners are not allowed and in some even women are forbidden! Beside the Asogwe you have:
and many more!

Most of these groups do not use an Asson, and some of the titles they have are Emperor! Further to belong in some of these groups you have to be cut as I am!

In traditional Vodu, when you become initiated you have a Father and a Mother. The same goes when you become a Mambo. In general, a Haitian male will not go to a female mambo to be baptized unless he is gay and quite often when they are baptized they do not have a father. This procedure does not follow old Haitian traditions. People from all walks of life, whether you were baptized in our society or not, even gay people, are welcome to all our public ceremonies, as most Houmforts uphold the same rules. However some of our rituals do not allow gay people, foreigners or even female mambos - only males that were initiated in the house in privately convened ceremonies that are held secrete in many societies and only the elders and top members can be present at.

Author: Jean Kent

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Long Road To Recovery: Helping Others Make It Back

Earlier today I received a wonderful email from a client who I befriended (or was it a friend who became a client) that had hit rock bottom and needed me. It read:

“Dear Moloch, I just wanted to ask you if you could thank your spirits for the job. I also have a line on a house I can move into in the next couple months. Plus, somehow my super shitty credit is gone, and I have "no credit history" so I can start from ground level to build my credit up instead of starting in a 10 foot deep hole. I'm gonna start doing little things to build up my credit so I can get a car loan around tax time. I really appreciate all the time and energy you have put into helping me :) And I really appreciate the spirits that have helped also. And I really doubt I could have gotten this far on my own. Thank you so much. And i'm sorry I'm not in contact with you more, I'm working nights and weekends, and watching my grandson during the day, so I don’t get a lot of time to sleep, or even eat. I'll try to be a better friend from now on. Take care.”

When I met this person some time ago, they were flat broke. No money, no income, zero prospects. They were land locked to where they lived with no transportation to get them to any foreseeable jobs and they had horrible health issues that precluded their ability to stand for hours on end in a factory. Further this individual was isolated from their family over petty squabbles with siblings and their own parents chose sides thus they couldn’t expect any help from family members other than letting them sleep on their couch. 

On top of that, they relied on just two close personal friends of theirs for rides wherever they had to go which put a strain on their relationship with their friends from time to time. Welfare, social security and the government turned this person down on multiple occasions citing they weren’t ethnic or the right gender or didn’t have enough dependents or enough monetary need and so on. It seemed as if this poor soul was just waiting there as a test for me to pick up and work on. The spirits were like, “Here Moloch, this is your test to see if you can do it.”



The first thing as a spiritual practitioner you have to do is an assessment of the situation. What are you dealing with exactly? Every situation is different thus every case is going to be different and thus you cannot look at a couple of things and simply say, “Oh they just need this and that and here’s the bill” because that’s what quacks do - sell you something without an assessment.

This particular individual wasn’t a novice to spiritual pursuits however they had been taught incorrectly how to work magic and sorcery. In fact, whoever had taught them gave them misinformation from the get-go and most of this info came from on-line ‘groups’ and ‘websites’ which are full of misinformed individuals most of whom are making wild ass guesses (Wag’s) and have little actual experience under their belt.

What this person, we’ll call them Nameless, had been doing was summoning demons and asking for help. Now typically that’s not all that bad however these particular spirits didn’t give a damn about Nameless because I summoned them myself and asked them directly. Thus Nameless’ offerings were all for naught thus I had Nameless immediately STOP the offerings to the several demon spirits they were making petitions to. Why give when you’re receiving ZERO benefit in return?

Further, several divinations confirmed that these spirits were taking the offerings and giving nothing back thus without the feedings, there was nothing to keep the spirits from coming back. So once Nameless stopped feeding the spirits, the beings quit coming around. Some of Nameless’ bad luck began to diminish around this time by just doing this alone however this was NOT enough to fix anything because their life was already ruined and in the pits of despair.

Incremental Steps

Part of the problem with being a spiritual worker is that often you tend to use wide variety of spiritual techniques which often include Judeo-Xian imagery/iconography/liturgy in your workings thus trying to get some clients who have had really shitty upbringing’s and bad relationships with the Church and its denizens can really be a struggle! I myself detested the whole Xian paradigm and lived as an atheist for an entire year before I came to my senses and realized how foolish that thinking was. Sorcery is veiled in many forms and it took quite a bit of cajoling Nameless to get them to use what I suggested on the road to recovery.

First, The Ancestors

Out of everything, Nameless had issues with working with their ancestors and in hindsight with their horrible family, I cannot blame them for their reluctance. However as I’ve repeatedly stated you have to set aside your personal feelings for your living family &/or any members who have died and gone on because you need your ancestors on your side. You have to have them. It’s a requirement. Period. 

They’re your first and last line of defense against a very harsh and cold cruel world. Spiritually they have your back against any intruder or anything who potentially attacks you. When you’re on good terms with your ancestors there’s no feeling in the world like communing with them even for short durations. You feel high afterwards from the endorphin release. But you see some folks have this innate resistance to working with their ancestors thinking this means they have to deal only with their deceased family members. You only have to deal with the family members you got along with and if you didn’t get along with the ones you knew who were alive and passed on, there are plenty you didn’t know and who didn’t know you who are now ancestors that you can work with that will be congenial to you. Thus there is no excuse. Further you also have the Ancestors of Humanity as a second set of ancestors as well. These are the people who go all the way back to when the first apes walked upright. They are our ancestors as well and everyone since.

Thus understand that climbing out of a hell hole means you will need to come forward and start saluting your ancestors. This isn’t the same as ‘worshiping’ on bent knee or prostrating yourself like mainstream religions do. Rather you’re esteeming your ancestors by saluting them. This is simply acknowledging their presence in your life and giving them thanks and respect. It’s a courtesy and little more yet it yields tremendous benefits. The problem is trying to get Joe Sixpack to work with his ancestors when he has no problem summoning Demon Lords of Hell. Pfffft.
*eye roll*

Getting them to cough up $10 to give to a Catholic church for a mass for their ancestors was the toughest battle of all. When someone is flat broke, and they have $0 funds, trying to convince them to give money to a multi-billion dollar religious organization is darn near impossible. Forget that the Catholic church is the only church who has power with the dead. No that doesn't matter because hey we're Pagan and we don't need no stinking Christians! The mass is to smooth things over with the ancestors and mostly deceased family members so they rest better. This helps to keep them from interfering in whatever it is you're trying to do. So I ended up giving Nameless the $10 for the ritual and the $3 for the donation to the poor (like you're supposed to give) when they went and made their arrangements for their ancestral mass.

Psalm & Bath Use

Oy. This was a tough nut to get Nameless to swallow. Nameless thought using the bath was fine but saying the prayer, Psalm 51:7 or Psalm 51:10 was “unnecessary”. *sigh* (Yet more uphill battle!) Still I persevered, cajoled, argued, and finally insisted Nameless use the prayer. They did grudgingly. And more bad luck seemed to fall away.

I began to use Psalms here along with other specific prayers for Nameless in an effort to get them work and a better life. At this time I was concerned with them having shelter, food and transportation so they could get a job. Nameless began to get some use from a friend’s car while they were at work but that eventually dried up so the luck didn’t hold out.

Next thing I did was a series of Uncrossing Rituals. I had Nameless give me a lock of their hair and a photograph. I performed a daily Uncrossing on Nameless for 21 days in the hopes of removing as much psychic crud from them as possible. I performed the Uncrossing Ritual as stated the first two weeks and the third week I used a white skull candle only in the hopes to remove as much problems with Nameless' ancestors as I could in case there were issues that Nameless was unaware of. Sometimes when people play with certain cthonic spirits like Demon Lords, some ancestors can get uppity over it thus a white skull candle and some holy oil tends to mellow out those ancestors quite well.

Enter Radionics

Early on, I began to utilize one of my old tried and true methods, my very own designed Radionic machines, the 3DRSM (3 Dial Radionic Sorcery Machine) and I dialed a rate for Nameless then used a prosperity template to beam it to them. Over time I experimented using various things as prosperity patterns from photos of piles of money to cornucopias to spirit seals such as Bune and the Kamea of the Sun (for new money). It was around this time Nameless was able to receive some minor job training through county Welfare but sadly this was merely seasonal work so once the season was finished, Nameless was unemployed once again. Hmmm!

I wasn’t about to give up on my Radionics either as I began to experiment using various ideas from Vodu dolls to photographs and hair samples to a bindrune of Nameless’ real name in full. I realized that the best I could do was to chip away at all of this that was holding Nameless back so that they could eventually break free. Thus I plugged one of my amplifying units into my 3DRSM to add power and then once again Nameless had yet another minor breakthrough. This time a move out of the country to civilization (into the big city) but Nameless was going to live where they could actually ride RTA or be within walking distance of an actual job.

Time Passes, Tragedy Strikes

When you work on someone as a project, you have to expect that as a spiritual worker, there will be peaks and valleys in results. To always believe that the road to recovery is paved smooth is silly and makes you look like a rank amateur because even recovering addicts have relapses thus why shouldn’t recovering bottom hitters? You’re going to lose your grip while climbing up out of the hole and fall back in, so what? Get up, dust yourself off and try again. The key is to not give in.

I got a message from Nameless that tragedy struck. They lost their home and were forced to move. I’d rather not say why or what the tragedy was about to preserve Nameless’ identity but suffice to say it was horrid. So Nameless was forced to move yet again and this time out of the big city and back towards the rural area once again but with the exception that they managed to make a new friend who took pity on them and gave them a decent home to live in and use of their vehicle.

It was around this time I performed a Vodu ceremony where I called Erzulie Dantor and asked her about Nameless’ predicament and what all could be done. Dantor put one of Her own on the case and told me it would take time but Nameless would have a life once again in due time.

Several Months Ago

I checked in with Nameless and was told that things were beginnig to look up. The new roommate/landlord was really cool and allowed Nameless to use their vehicle to look for work and was giving Nameless some minor paper work to do for their own business they were employed in. Thus Nameless had a - albeit minor - part time job.

It was around this time when I had business to summon one of The 72, Seere, who makes things happen quickly, and I made it my business to ask about Nameless in my list of inquiries to this particular spirit I was working with. I told Seere that Nameless needed GOOD things to happen fast because time was running out for them. Their life needed positive change and they needed income fast. Seere assured me such was on the way.

It was then about two months ago I had need to summon Dantor for some reason and she mentioned Nameless and told me, “That one will be all right. I’ve seen to it. “ Thus I stopped all work on Nameless’ plight and figured I had done all I could do since Dantor made Her proclamation known. Okay when a LWA says, “It’s done”, you stop and let it go. Then yesterday I got the email. :)

In Summary

This was one of the toughest cases that I ever took on. It really tested my own beliefs in JuJu and sorcery because so much of what I tried didn’t seem to work. Yet the issue was that Nameless had such a horrible air of problems and bad luck about them that it took quite a bit to get them to where they are today. Realize too that I have not touched upon the countless divinations and Uncrossing's I’ve performed for this person let alone the untold amount of prayers I’ve offered in their name along with visualizations and chants, spells and cones of power cast at them all in an effort to rid them of what was holding them back to that they could at the very least just move ahead like everyone else.

If you’ve hit rock bottom, realize it’s a slow climb out even WITH JuJu on your side and I’m considered to be half decent at it so imagine if you’re a rank Novice that it’s going to be a long time to see the light of day but rest assured you will. Just keep chipping away and you will.

My purpose in sharing this with you is to show you that even with the toughest cases, there is hope. You just have to persevere, keep your client from giving up and throwing in the towel, and keep chipping away. That’s really all you can do. Because you are after all helping someone rearrange and recreate a new life for themselves and when you think about that in such a grand scale, that’s not anything quick nor simple. Thus be patient and stay diligent. The reward is wroth the effort. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

WHY Is Brother MOLOCH So Angry?

The world is full of idiots, simpletons and morons, right? Wrong. The world is full of people who DO dumb things, SAY dumb things and BELIEVE dumb things. Then when you point out their foolish beliefs, comments or actions as such, they identify their ego’s with the bad behavior/actions/beliefs. The fact is we are NOT our beliefs, nor are we our actions nor are we what we say; we are unique individuals who are subject to change without notice. Allow me to elucidate...

You are first and foremost a person, an individual. For this alone you should be proud. There’s no one else quite like you. Now you have opinions, ideas, beliefs, thoughts, attitudes - all of which have changed and will continue to change as you learn new things, and gather new information then process it. True it may be a long time for some of these to change but then serious change is worth waiting for. Still you are a person. You are NOT those things because they’re just “thoughts” of yours and thoughts come and go regardless of how good or bad they are.

The problem with many people, myself included, is when an idea or thought is pointed out to be archaic, outdated, unsupported by facts and logic or just outright weird, we tend to get uppity about it. Why? Our ego. Funny how everyone points to the magician and tells him, “You’re a magician/sorcerer and since you’re enlightened you shouldn’t be that way!” Really? Pot-Kettle-Black! See? Of course you don’t because you’re too busy complaining about someone else. Truth is even enlightened individuals are still human - they have emotions and who wants to walk around like a bloody emotionless robot? Do you? Of course not else YOU’D be enlightened, right? So if you don’t want to, then WHY do you want others to be that way?

Still when someone points out an idea as ‘whacked’ (to use a nicer term), why must everyone get on the EMO bandwagon and have a cry? Or get all butt-hurt over it? Sure the sting of realization that your idea is ludicrous hurts but it passes. Do you think I’ve not heard this myself on more than once occasion? A GOOD teacher will NOT sugar coat the truth. Rather he will be blatantly honest and tell you like it is. Period. We’re adults here, folks, not elementary school. This isn’t kindergarten. Now if I were dealing with children of that ilk, then of course I’d use a much gentler hand. However you’re all adults. At least I expect you to be because I do NOT teach children. 21 y/o + only and preferably someone not living with their parents.

People think I’m angry at them. Hell, everyone on FecesBook to some of the occult forums out there believe this garbage. *smh* Nothing could be further from the truth. Why? Well first off I’m not calling any particular person, except political candidates, directly an idiot, all right? I’m NOT angry at people; I’m angry at the STUPID SHIT they SAY, they BELIEVE and they DO! If you cannot understand the difference, then stop reading right here and go read some McWiccan books because that’s more on your level of comprehension.

For instance, when I use the terms “McWiccan”, “Ceremonial Moron”, “Hoodooling” or “Snorecerer”, it’s meant to be a blanket term for those who are engrossed in foolish and whacked ideas, beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes. Typically I don’t label Josef Fynnibachten (Gods I hope there’s no one by that name!) a McWiccan even if he’s an air head. Typically I reserve the insulting terminology for my readers as a way of differentiating how to do something good versus how to do something stupid. Hello? Remember the kid’s magazine “Hi Lights”? Remember the section called “Goofus and Gallant”? Gallant did everything the proper way but Goofus did things the dumb way? Think of my harsh terms as my way of mentioning Goofus in a metaphysical manner. ;) They’re not meant to be insulting to any of you in particular - unless that boot laces up then go ahead and wear it!

I get paid Z-E-R-O for my time on these social media sites. That means I’m wasting what little precious free time I have to post on these sites and when I see something idiotic, by the gods I have to point it out. Oh sure I could do so in a friendly manner but when I have do so in the past, no one listened to me nor paid me any heed. They instead listened to others so I figured if I juiced up my posts a bit with some off color terms then perhaps I may get noticed more. It worked quite well although lately I’m running into amateur psychologists who are doing their best to label me “cantankerous”, “bitter”, “angry” and so on, when they don’t know me or anything about me other than what I’m willing to share.

When I’m on these sites posting serious How-To information to help you, I am in effect wasting time because I could be helping a new or existing paying client or doing some charity work for some child who needs an operation. Thus when I see some fool come along and post something downright moronic, it just begs to be pointed out as moronic. That’s not me calling the poster a moron but what s/he SAID is moronic. Because as you read this, you know damn good and well you yourself have said something stupid to someone and regretted it on at least ONE occasion if not more. Are you a stupid person? No instead you just said something stupid and we all make that mistake. Also it’s good when others point it out to us because if they don’t, we continue to march right along saying the same stupid things, eh? ;)

So no, I’m not angry. I’m making $0 money for posting valuable ideas, thoughts, tips, techniques, book reviews, excerpts, suggestions, references, and more online AND on top of that, I’m expected to be happy, nice and blah-blah-blah because that’s what YOU want from me. Pfffffft! I’ll remember that the next time YOU have one of those days, putz. Wait and see.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Don't Mistake Confidence for Arrogance

About 16 years ago, I was involved in door-to-door sales which involved the knocking of doors obviously. Like a lot of people I had high anxiety at knocking on the doors due to all sorts of fears rattling through my mind which prevented me from making any real money. I was a decent enough closer who once I was able to get a qualified customer in front of me, I could present to and give them an opportunity to make an informed decision of yea or nay. But to get to that point in D2D sales  you need to first have the confidence to knock doors and make phone calls. Enter the above book...

I was in Half Price Books one Friday night looking at their business, marketing and sales books to see what I could unearth that may have a nugget of gold that I could use or adapt to my practice. That night I was looking for something to help me overcome my fear of rejection and then I saw this book sitting there on the shelf. Now you have to understand I was not nearly as shy as I was growing up but I was MUCH shyer than I am today. You see I grew up with a very poor self-esteem and no one in my family ever bothered to help me overcome this poor self-image or lack of self-esteem. I had to do it on my own.

Obviously this affected my paycheck via my negotiation skills and it also affected my lackluster, non-existent love life that didn’t get started until I was in my early 20's. I wasn’t stupid by any stretch. A little green maybe at that age but who isn’t? My problem was confidence. But hey when you grow up with a physical handicap and you’re told all your life “You’ll never be able to do (fill in the blank)” or “You can’t do (fill in blank)” what are you supposed to become? Definitely NOT "the most interesting man in the world", that’s for certain. In fact I was so backwards and shy that my stomach used to cramp up at hearing my own named called over a loudspeaker or in an office setting.

Well that Friday night I bought one book, Walter Anderson’s and there were a LOT of other books I wanted as well but I decided I was going to dedicate the entire weekend to studying his course and doing the exercises to help me come out of my shell. At the same time I had began to do a series of workings with Tiriel over business and I felt He wanted me to pursue this book to the exclusion of all else until I got the material down pat. So I focused and that’s what I did. I sad down, shut off the computer, opened a fresh theme book and pack of pens then began to read. The course is not difficult as Mr. Anderson’s writing style is smooth and easy to comprehend. There is much worthwhile in the course book to study and make use of. Literally you cannot do the entire book in just two days as it really takes a full week at the least but better if you take your time and stretch it out some.

With each day I learned something new and got more excited about my beginning confidence. I also noticed that as my personal confidence gained, my attitude changed. I went from being this quiet, mostly reserved guy into more of an outspoken yet sociable individual. Not overnight mind you but over time. Sadly I did not pick up the skills and habits fast enough to save my D2D job so I got let go. *shrugs* When you don’t produce, they let you go. However I applied for a sales position at a new company that sold Amish raised beef, pork and poultry meats.

At first the company was providing me with leads and I was doing quite well closing deals but the real money came when our sales manager was wanting us to re-work each other’s leads that either were no-show’s or flat out no-sales. I ended up getting a stack from a guy who pre-qualified his own leads (even though the company already qualified his lead for him.) So I began calling his leads and wow B. really honked his prospects off. (I never argued with prospects because I didn’t care if they bought or not.) B. always argued with his and he’d walk in saying, “Only an idiot would turn down something as great as this!” thus why we called him the Sledgehammer

Anyway, I got hold of one of B’s leads that he had honked off over the phone. Yes she wanted to speak to me. Why? Well her mother had our service, or one just like it, when she lived in North Carolina. (Holy crap, that is awesome to hear!) She affirmed to me that she and hubby COULD afford this (he was a collections mgr for a big outfit, she a stay at home mom) and wanted me to drive 2 hours to meet with them. Okay so I shored up my confidence and went. Long story short, 1.5 hours with them over dinner and the kids, signed contracts, down payment, and double commission in my pocket all because I had the confidence to pick up the phone and make a call then go see them! And I asked them for referrals. ;)

After that the gravy train rolled into town because I got brazen! I began asking for referrals on EVERY call I made whether I made a sale or not! Yuppers, even if I just met them for fifteen minutes I’d ask for referrals and guess what? I usually walk out with at least three names and numbers to call. Why? All because I had the confidence to ask. Yes confidence. Ask and ye shall receive!

The bottom line is this: most of the best stuff in life requires confidence of some type. If you lack confidence, why not shore yours up by taking the time to read Anderson’s book and check yours against his checkpoints? Trust me, there’s quite a bit you may learn from this course. There are useful writing scenarios as well as essays for your own benefit that can help you pinpoint where your weaknesses lie.

Every job and position in the world requires confidence of some type. It is what it takes to make it big. Even driving a vehicle requires confidence in your skills and abilities to pilot it. Often people have the requisite skill to do so but they lack the confidence to do it. I’ve tutored several young folks and middle aged folks to get their driver’s licenses and their biggest fears were wrapped up in lack of self-confidence.

Sometimes occultists, wiccans, witches and even sorcerers who lack result may just have confidence issues. Now obviously NOT in every case but in cases where there should be little resistance to their request, usually the culprit is they lack the confidence.

Conditioning is the bad guy who causes the real lack of confidence in our society. Being told something repeatedly until you believe it has a major effect on your abilities both inner and outer. So before you go blaming the incense or astrological timing, make certain your lack of result isn’t due to your poor self esteem or lack of confidence. Is it possible your lack of result is due to your lack of confidence? Perhaps you fear what someone else said? Maybe someone you hold in very high esteem? I ask because sometimes, that's all it takes to put barriers up to our confidence is someone else telling us in an offhand way that such and such is not going to work or blah-blah-blah.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Personal Investment Equals Better Success (& More Power!)

We live in a modern, digital age where there truly LAZY can have just about their every whim sated. There’s little left for anyone to really do other than push buttons since most of the grunt work is being done by slave labor in third world nations like Cambodia, China, India and so on where people work for an entire day what here in the US someone is paid for one hour’s worth of work.

Our modern music sucks because it is devoid of any semblance of emotion and feeling since all you need is just a singer and a computer. And if you can’t sing, you can find software to alter your shitty voice so you sound passable as a singer. In a way today we live in a marvel of a time because of these technological wonders. But there’s one thing missing: personal investment.

For instance, today you can download a song that some schmuck uploaded at a whim because he may have decided he doesn’t like the band ___ so he wants to screw them over and give their new song away free to everyone just to piss the band off and chet them out of any fair monies they could make. “But Moloch, back in the day, we copied songs from the radio, cassettes and records onto cassettes and traded/gave them to others! What’s the difference?”

Plenty! First you had to buy the blank cassette (unless you stole it ya damn thief) then you had to spend time listening to the radio and waiting patiently for the song to come on so you could record it thus you invested time. If you recorded an album or dubbed it from another cassette, you still had to spend the time to set it up and record it. Digital ignores all of that. With digital there’s no investment of you at all. None. Period.

If you borrowed a book from someone to read and copy from, you sat there with either a blank book and pen or some loose leaf pages and a pen and you wrote the pages out by what we called long hand. Time consuming? Yes and it’s called personal investment of time, energy and effort. You don’t get that when you download a book.

See, you punks today are LAZY. All you really want is “McMagic”. You’re just like your McWiccan counterparts who simply show up and pretend to give a shit and are there to put on their drama show for everyone. You’re not interested in real JuJu that works, you want to pare everything down to where it’s so watered down that there’s nothing left that originally looks like the original spell or ritual. That’s not magic; instead that’s McMagic.

You’ve been conditioned to think the Spiritual world owes you something. It doesn’t. You don’t invest anything personal into this so why should the spirits give a rat’s ass what your problems are? You thieve books and don’t even bother to hand copy them into a blank book, (even the passages that you actually care about!) and yet you assume their JuJu should work equally well when you have done jack shit to earn respect from the world of the spirits.

Seriously, look at yourself in the mirror and ask, “HOW can I expect results when I’m not willing to invest in myself?” You’re willing to waste money on bullshit you know you don’t need yet you refuse to buy a book because hey that would cost you a nickel and help an author out. Thus you steal the author’s book, especially the ones still alive, and use it without thought to his or her hard work. You’re a piece of shit and you think the world of the spirits should respect your commands to do what you tell them? Seriously? You're deluded!

Your issue is you fail to see that you have not invested anything be it time, money or effort into this for the author, their book, its system or even the spirits and yet you want money, fame, power, authority, happiness, success, love and more. In other words you want something for nothing. Sorry Charlie, it doesn’t work this way. I hate to tell you but the spirits are real and they put limitations on how much JuJu you can command and use. (As well they should!) When you decide to stop being an ass and start personally investing in your magic and sorcery by buying the books you need or borrowing and hand copying them (like you should!) then perhaps your JuJu will get stronger and more potent.

So your issues need to be resolved. These issues are laziness and stinginess. You can resolve the latter easiest by simply buying the books, even the used ones. Yes I fully understand the used book market is often high dollar to invest in. *shrugs* Take it from someone who has been gouged before it’s not fun. Now with that said, IF you are patient, watchful and wary, you CAN find just about any book you want at an affordable price on any of the used sites out there from Amazon to eBay to to Abe Books. Just be patient and watchful. I’ve built up my own collection this way and not paid more than $60 for any used book that I wanted badly by doing this with the vast majority of them under $30. If I can do this, you can as well.

Look, you have all sorts of $$$ to blow on bullshit you do NOT need to be spiritual like cigarettes and tobacco, liquor and beer, marijuana and street drugs, junk food, concert and movie tickets, pizza, Tchotchke junk (re: occult/esoteric knick–knacks), and other stuff you don’t need YET if someone asks you to spend $15-$30 for an occult/spiritual book, OMG! Screw you! That’s just too damn much money! I can’t afford that! Really? You’re a liar and you need to stop with your nonsense and take a good hard look at yourself. The magicians in Agrippa’s day didn’t pull this crap and those that did weren’t anyone of important note who aren't remembered today so do you want to be someone remembered down the road or someone forgotten?

Even if you borrow a book from the library and stand at a photocopying machine dropping in quarters to photocopy the pages that you’re only interested in, THAT’S at least investing in it! Hello? Your time and money is being spent. Same if you spend time long hand copying passages or *whew* the entire book. The spirits RESPECT this. They respect practitioners who spend time, money and energy trying to better themselves, not the lazy cretins trying to get something for nothing. Remember that the next time you’re trying to figure out why your JuJu isn’t working the way it ought to or the way you think it should.